Let’s strive for the realization of the goals dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi as he says
that “When I was looking at rural masses, I was looking far beyond”. In search of
the same truth this college stands for ‘Dnyan and Vidnyan Upasana’, which leads
to the light of knowledge and to the growth of a culture bound to usher in an era of
peace, harmony, and prosperity for the society.


1. The all-round development of the students aspiring to be a learned and
cultured citizen, by giving them opportunities to face challenges of the
competitive world with utmost utilization of their acquired knowledge,
skills, potentials in academics, sports and culture.
2. To provide the facilities of higher education to those who want to acquire
higher education, especially to the students from rural strata at minimum
3. To plan and execute various schemes for the development of hidden
potential in student community.
4. To create a feeling of affinity towards rural society and rural way of life in
student community.
5. To create educational, social and cultural sense among the students.
6. To cultivate a sense of social service, social welfare and equality in the
student community.
7. To work for the growth of a sense of duty, service, nationalism and
secularism in the student community.